On average, over 140 people visit a residential job-site during a building project. This includes construction workers, as well as homeowners, real estate agents, and children.

Proper installation of a guardrail takes only a couple of minutes, yet it can be the difference between life and death.

Builders Mutual wants to empower everyone on the job-site to protect workers and visitors alike. Speak up if guardrails are missing. Help us stand up for improved job-site safety.

Here’s how you can Put Your Guard Up

Show Your Support

Download Graphics

Download our graphics kit to share the Put Your Guard Up graphic as a social post, job-site sign, or printed sticker.

Find Classes

Take part in job-site safety education in your area through Builders University. Register your team today.

Speak Up

Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #PutYourGuardUp. Share pictures of your job-site and your team.

Follow Our Blog

Read our ongoing guardrail article series brought to you by the industry experts at Builders Mutual.

Put Your Guard Up: Guardrails protect everyone

An introduction to our guardrail safety message.

Put Your Guard Up: Meet OSHA standards with this checklist

Ensure you’re in compliance with these 10 OSHA provisions.

Put Your Guard Up: The Other Things

Your guardrail is up. What other precautions should you be taking?

Put Your Guard Up: The cost of missing guardrails

Falls can cost lives and have serious financial repercussions.

Find Training Materials

Download and share learning tools with your team.

Training Guide

Training Guide

Empower your team to protect job-site coworkers and visitors.

Toolbox Talk

Toolbox Talk

Understand and apply safe practices for guardrails, stairways, and covers.



See why guardrails matter, and learn what it takes to maintain safety.

Inspection Checklist

Inspection Checklist

Ensure your job-site is safe from fall hazards.

Still have questions, or want to get involved? Get in touch with the team at Builders Mutual.


Builders Mutual is committed to taking Put Your Guard Up from a safety initiative to a national movement, and we are grateful for the promotional support we receive from our industry partners. If your organization is interested in helping to spread the message of guardrail safety, please reach out to us today.